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Big W Toy Sale Lock Rss

My mum works at Big W and just told me they are opening from 12 midnight the Wed night prior to the sale date, and opening till 9pm Thurs night.

Not sure if all stores as she works in the biggest one, but nice to know if you want to go without kids and without crowds.

I'l be there - no kids, I don't sleep anyway!

We go to the target nidnight sale so yes i will be there!!

Thanxs for letting us know!!
Hi Steph!

Yes it is for the toy sale.

she works at warringah mall, apparenty our miranda one is open - just call them.

brochure comes out in papers next wed, that night it will be on..

you can print it out online without prices

my kids have waaaay too many toys as it is! and I could not think of anything worse than going toy shopping at midnight

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Bummer, my store only opens at 7am. I'd still have both kids with me but hopefully not too many people will find out and I'll beat the 9am crowd????

If you go to the Big W home page, click on Store & Trading hours and if you search your nearest store, it states the opening hours for each day. The toy sale starts on Thursday 3rd.

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