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Bob the Builder Lock Rss

My sister-in-law recently told me that Bob-the-Builder was being phased out of the shops and from TV. Does anyone know if that is true? Lachlan is Bob crazy and I don't know whether to start buying up or if it is just a rumour? It is still being shown on the ABC and Foxtel.

I hope it's not true - my son (Lachlan too!) is crazy about Bob too. I thought most of the Bob toys that are around now have only recently been released. If you hear anymore, let us know.
my little man is bob mad also!
i had trouble finding a soft plush bob toy found one on e-bay.
hope they aren't phasing him out!
maybe abc shop would know if he is being phased out
I have been asking retailers everywhere I go that sell Bob if he is being phased out. None of them know what my SIL is talking about. (Even so - I keep buying DS Bob things just in case!!!)

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