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who won australias next top model Lock Rss

can anyone tell me

Giovanni 5 yrs - Giselle 2 - Gabriel 5 months..

demelza won
the horrid troll with the crooked eyebrows. im so mad. she was so nasty and was rewarded for being an immature bltch. yuck. she talks like a five year old, i am never watching the show again. (until next season, anyway)

WOOOOOT. Go Demelza. She was heaps prettier than the other chick but Sam was my fave!

Yep I am a closet supermodel fan smile]
Ry-jayd, im not liking you right now, im feeling a little agro and i think i have picked you as someone to fight with, model style.
She was a DOG


hahaha Mrs MM. You are picking on HER eyebrows (I am looking at your picture right now as I'm typing hehe) ... at least her lips moved and she didn't walk like a limping dog ... awwww REOW!!
I liked her more than Alex. I so wanted Sam to win though. Pissed off.

I wanted Sam to win too and I hated Alex.
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