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Who else has a fantastic Mother's Group? Lock Rss

My new mother's group met for the first time at our local maternal child health centre just over four years ago. Our babies were aged between 6 and 10 weeks (now they're all four years old...I can't believe it!) There are 8 mums and we continued to meet every Tuesday morning for almost 4 years. All 8 of us are still the greatest of friends and so are our children. We've all had our second babies now ( 5 of us were pregnant together last year...that was fun). There are only three of us still living in the area; the others have all moved, but no more than half an hour drive away. Our four year olds are all at kinder now and their session days and times are all different, so we can't meet regularly anymore. We did just have a big get together during the school holidays and smaller groups of us get together from time to time or we'll get together one on one for lunch or something. I'm always on the phone to someone from mother's group.
I'm just so lucky that I met this fantastic and fun group of women (and their beautiful children). We all just clicked right from the start. I know I could call on any one of them for a favour at any time and they'd be there for me...and vice versa.
I'm really interested in hearing stories about other people's mother's groups. I often hear that mother's groups don't carry on after the meetings at the health centre finish..or that they continue to meet for a while then dwindle off. I know it's hard when mums return to work. All in my group did go back to work, but luckily everyone was able to ensure that they kept their Tuesdays free!!
Anyway...tell me your mothers group stories. I'd love to hear!!
Michelle (by the way, there are 3 Michelles in my mother's group).
Hi Michelle,

My mothers group has been meeting up regularly for over 2 years now. I don't get to see them that often at the moment because I work full time but I do catch up with 2 of the mums every weekend when our kids are in the same swimming class. I miss my mothers group but once I'm back on maternity leave, I will be again catching up with them weekly. We sometimes have outings on weekends where the dads come along as well which is always nice. There are 8 of us and although I have formed closer friendship to some more than others, we all keep in contact with each other. Only 1 of the mums no longer sees much of us because she has moved quite a distance away and I am the only one working full time so the other 6 see each other more often. It has been great to see the kids grow up and change and now that there are new babies on the scene, it will be interesting to go through all that change again. I think everyone should join a mothers group and if you don't like the people in your current group, go out and find another group of like minded people. It is so valuable to know people who live close to you and have kids around the same age to share stories and experiences and to also see different ways of bringing up kids - even if you wouldn't do the same with yours, any experience is educational.

i started with my son when he was 6 mo. old then soon after that we (the mums) started our own play group. our kids are now 4 some are starting school in 2005 ! we have a great group of mums & kids most now have 2 and several, including me have 3, it great how the numbers grow. i still am not certain if the kids benefit more than me

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My mother's group also met at the baby clinic. it was a six week group discussion for first time mums. Different topic each week. From eating, teeth, to physical development.
When the six weeks were up we continued to meet twice a month until some of went back to work, then it was once a month.
I haven't seen the group for a few months, but keep in touch through emails and phone calss.
Three of us are having our second babies (one today), myself in Jan, and the other in March.
We are all meeting for lunch in a few weeks with our husbands etc as one of the girls has photographer friends who are doing a shoot for us.
we had one last year just in time for christmas. It was great.

Wendy, mum to Keira 07/05/03 and Georgia 24/01/05

i also belong to a great mother's group. ours started at the clinic when the they were all still young. My daughter was the youngest at 17 days and the oldest was 6 months. there was 13 in the group at the start, with 8 of us still getting together every thursday, some of the mums are now working full time and are unable to come. We try to have a B.B.Q every two months on the weekend for the working mums to come too. We are having a party this weekend for christmas.

di,nsw,9yr old and 8mth baby

I also am lucky enough to have found some great new friends. Our local community centre ran a 6 week parenting course, we had 14 new mums that went each Thursday. Although some mums had to return to work and some were not interested meeting up anymore there are still 8 of us! Each Thursday we rotate visting each others houses or Taking the kids swimming, walk etc. We all have such a great time and have developed really close bonds. I feel lucky to have made great new friends in my area, we have a bet as to who will be the first to have the 2nd baby!
I envy you all!
OUr mothers grp was started Feb/Mar this year, and started out great. But, soon after the get togethers at the health centre finished, everything went very pear shaped. I became very clicky, and I found that if you happened to miss a week, you were completely out of the loop, and left out. My daughter is one of the oldest in the group, and seemed to be dong things a little earlier than others. i was always very careful not to brag about things, but I ended up feeling really bad, and uncomfortable when she was doing things first - It shoud not be like this. Then, venues/days/times were changed, and only the 'in' girls were notified, so I stopped going. Last week we met for a Christmas party which was really nice though.
right through my pregnancy I was really looking forward to joining a mothers group, but I am sorry that I have wasted so much time and effort being upset by what ended up happening.

But, I'mreally pleased that it has been successful for others
Have a great (&hot) day
Hi guys! This post may be a bit out of date but what the hey hey??? I too am in the same boat as Michelle "Mud000 I envy all the mums out there who have kept in close contact, I found my group "clicky" and decided to seperate from them, bit sad really as its all the kids b'days around this time, and would have been nice for my boy to "grow" with these kids. Jay was recentlyinvited to a party one of the mums was holding for her kid (they apparently moved from the area) but we hadn't heard from them since my son was 4 months old, so I assumed that she invited us just to get an extra pressie.. so we didn't go obviously. was that wrong of me to come to such a conclusion??? I know moving is EXTREMLEY STRESSFUL as I moved twice whilst preggas, but I know this girl and her bub moved around 5 months ago.
Also I made attempts to send bday cards to a couple of the mums bubs but got no replys... rude??? or is that just my thinking?
I have made one FANTASTIC friendship with one of the girls from mum's group and am EXTREMLEY grateful for that.
Thanks for "listening"
jo and Jay

my mother groub is starting on the 22.feb i hope i will have some nice times and meatting nice friends there!!!!
i am kind of nervous now off going there what if .................. i hope i am not going to chicken out in the last minute and skipp it all together\\



Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

hey mitti,
i was exactly the same as you (my mums group started end of feb last year). right up until the first day, i kept thinking about not going ... but i did go and one of the mum sand i are best friends now so i am glad i did! even if you go a few times and you decide you hate it, it's better than not going at all. you might end up with a great group of mums!! good luck and i hope you have a great mums group!! smile smile smile smile

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I went to the 6 week classes also. The girls seemed really nice and we did meet up at each other houses after that had finished.

Out of 8 girls I was the only one that did not go back to work, so pretty much that was the end of that. I found that most of the girls did not want to keep in contact when they returned back to work.

It was a real pitty because it would have been nice for my daughter to have some friends of her own age group. It would have also been nice for me. Guess it just was not ment to be.

We had only just moved to the area so meeting people with kids would have been nice. I have also found playgroups in my area all seem to be very "clicky".

So after trying 3 playgroups I decided to give up on meeting mums in the area. I have been a stay at home mum for the past 3 yrs.
where abouts in sydney are you???? I am also having bad luck with mothers grouos playgroups

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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