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What do I take to a Creche?? Lock Rss

Hi, sorry for the silly questions but I have joined up with Fernwood and am taking DS to their creche this morning, but what do I bring, do I take him in his pram and take his own toys or what. He will be fed and changed beforehand. Thanks for any help, this is the first time I have taken a kid to a creche. lol.

I've worked in lots of creches, generally you don't need to take your own toys, as they will have toys there, and your toys might get broken or lost, or the other kids will fight over them IKWIM. I am surprised they didn't tell you what to bring.

Generally it's nappies, change of clothes and occasionally it's something to eat. I know you mention that you are going to feed and change baby before you take him, but that doesn't mean he won't need a change while you are working out and you don't want to have to take him home because he needs a nappy change.
I normally take a change of clothes, 3 nappies, with wipes, nappy bags etc and a bottle of water with his name on it.

My gym have toys already there.

ETA - my gym doesnt allow me to take food or anything other than water or milk just in case of allergies in other kids.

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Thankyou, I had a pamphlet that stated babies needed to be changed and fed prior or they will call the mums out to feed and change them. He's due before then anyway but I wont take his toy's and I will ring them anyway, I just felt a bit embarrassed asking them. I'm silly I know. Thanks again

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