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  5. Anyone else who's posts have not been clear from 3 days ago??

Anyone else who's posts have not been clear from 3 days ago?? Lock Rss

Hello I have a growing amount of posts that have not been approved or disapproved for that matter, is anyone else having the same problem??One of them is 3 days old. I know they say to wait but I have NEVER had to wait this long. How do I contact the moderators regarding this???

Yes I have had posts not cleared!

Maybe because the site is being updated they have a backlog?

this has never happened to me either

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Thank you!! I was starting to wonder if it was personal (LOL). It is really strange as I have just received my emails to say at 6.30 tonight they were cleared??? It is just frustrating when you are having a "conversation" with someone and you reply but they dont see the reply for days later! It sort of defeats the purpose of having a site where you can communicate but the communication takes days. A lot of the topics are from people who want answers in a hurry. I understand this sort of site needs to be monitored, it can just be frustating. Having said that I am not having a go at the moderators as I can only guess how busy they must be. I am not expecting any changes to the current system or suggesting them. I am simply expressing my opinion. Thank you.
Hi Calebsmum,

As frustrating as it is, I would much rather be a part of a moderated forum. Hopefully those people that you are replying to realise that the moderators sometimes take a while to approve our posts. Don't let it discourage you from future replies... I am always happy to wait to hear what you have to say smile

i know it annoying
that all i say

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Hi Calebs Mum

Yes I am having problems too.
But it may be because of what I called your MIL in the other topic and now all of my posts need to go through the moderator.
It takes ages for my posts to come through which is annoying because some of the information is out-of-date by the time it is posted on.
Yet what was really funny was the other night I was typing a post and someone elses post on the same topic came through immediately and mine didn't.

mum of 3

Hello everyone!! Thanks heaps for your lovely replies. Pauline you crack me up!! As I said before the moderators would only have to spend a few minutes with my MIL and they would know you are just stating the facts!!
I actually received a lovely email from the moderators at home explaining time frames and the amount of post etc. I can understand the whole process must be huge. They even thanked me for my feedback wink
As for you maddychelle - you are just a sweetheart! Your children are very lucky to have such a wonderful mother who will no doubt also be their best friend!
Thanks again.............

What can I say except "Oh Shux!"... :}

With me... what you see is what you get grin

Thankyou for your kind words.


Hi Janeen

I just posted something in the topic about MILs and it is also in the moderator's hands. Maybe the key word is MIL wink

Take care!smile

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

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