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If you co-sleep with your toddler why do you do it? I can't imagine anything worse than having Blake in our bed tossing and turn and keeping us awake all really curious as to why.

If you give your toddler a night feed/bottle why? They don't need it so why would you want to get up in the night when you don't have to?

i co sleep so that i can have sleep and give him a feed for same reason spose you could call it spoiled baby sydrome well thats my oh by the way my lil man wakes up to 7 times a night in his cot and hubby has work and older kiddies have school so busy house so sleep is needed for coping iykwim

he he are you in an arguementitive mood tonight Tam???

My SIL slept in with her parents until she was 11!!! Yes thats right 11!! So both our boys are banished to their own rooms a.s.a.p! However it is annoying sometimes when Mason has been sick and he will not sleep in with us as he sees our bed as a big trampoline or wrestling pit.
I use to co sleep when sqeek was littler cause hubby did shift work and long hours he needed sleep ( my words not he's). and so i slept with sqeek because she woke up heaps and i was right there to re assure here.

But dont know.

S...yeah a little
but really just curious.

I can understand cosleeping with bubs under 6 months (not that i'd do it) as they need night feeding if they want it. But past 6 months they don't so I don't understand why anyone would chose to keep it on.

DH half brother (hes 7) coslept till 5 and one of the parents always slept in another room. And now he will only go to sleep when he is absolutely exhausted. They try and put him to bed and he plays up for hours.
DS co slept with us till he was 1 then was in his own bed. Now he only sleeps with us when he is sick or in an extremely bad sooky mood where he wont go to sleep in his own bed. It's these types of nights where he is guaranteed to wake up often and leave us with less sleep then what we would get if he was in with us.
restless screaming upset toddler for hours and hours and hours every single night what would you do??? im wondering now


I guess..i have a friend who ends up with her son in her bed every morning at 4..'coz its easy'

but i would think it would be easier to do a bit of CC for a few days than contantly have a bub in your bed?

But thats just me
i dont believe in cc i wish i could have done it when he was much smaller as i am having to deal with this problem now every night but as i said earlier i have 3 school aged kiddes and a working hubby that starts early so having our lil man upset and crying and waking everyone wont work i will say yes this is my fault for not doing CC in the early yrs but also must say when he wakes so often and has for over a yr that it becomes tiring and my coping skills are pushed to all limits

oh sorry for seeming rude wasnt my intention at all different point of view was all

have never really CO slept

but on the odd occasion isak will come in our bed much to DF's disgust and cuddle up usually early hours of the morning

when he was a bub on sunday morning when he wok eup at 6 i would feed him then we would all have a big sleep intogether

i loved those days!


thanks i am honestly intersted in the whys.

Why ds gets into bad habits (usually due to teething) DH knows he just has to put up with the CC as its better than having him in our bed. But then I am a bit of a mean mum.
Tam you are not a mean mum - not even slightly. I beat you hands down in those stakes - thats my title - go find your own!
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