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help there is terrible soap scub on our shower glass i have tried everything i can think of to get it off the best was the vinigar and water but it didn't work properly

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I use bleach undiluted in a spray bottle, leave for 10-15mins then just rinse off, no srubbing. It works wonders although the bleach is a little nasty so take care when using.

Hope it helps!

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I usually clean the shower when I'm having one (saves getting your clothes wet!). I use a dish brush (as in like a toilet brush, but one the one for your dishes) and either Ajax or White King 'bathroom gel' - squirt around and scrub with the brush. The brush gets into all the little gaps and corners, and is a bit less harsh than using a scourer (I've heard other people say that's what they use). It also means you don't have to touch the cleaner like when using a cloth. Just make sure you have the exhaust fan on or a window open to get some fresh air while cleaning.

CLR works quite well, however if you are pregnant I strongly suggest you get your partner or a friend to do it for you as the fumes and smell are a bit overpowering. We get really bad calcium stains on ours and it is a neverending job.

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