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sheesh Lock Rss

was not meant to be taken literally

[Edited on 25/07/2008]

Sorry but i think that is a little bit rude.

I don't think the visitors are the problem I think there is more wrong with huggies than that.
The visitors are most likely members who cannot log on or be bothered trying to post but are reading and if they were new visitors to the site it isn't a very nice welcome. Anyone is free to visit a public forum.

They are not to blame for huggies I.T. problems.

there is always a huge amount of visitors - its nothing new.

How time flies!!

THere is always that many visitors, I think its a lot of people who have to log on each time they want to reply to IYKWIM?

I have the same problem the other night being unable to reply, it was fine the next day
Posted by: ProudMumma2Munchkins

well thats wat i think the problem is anyway

And we welcome you with wide open arms, lol (great first impression to give off!)

Makes us seem like a nice bunch of people, I'f I were a visitor I'd probably think well you can all go and get stuffed, I'll join another forum!

is currently in NZ

thats a nasty thing to say!!!
how do you know it's because of the visitors?
Gee i think that was a bit uncalled for dont you think.

Do you want to borrow a shovel or do you have one already??? hehe
Seriously, you wonder why people dont like you!

*shakes head*

Seeing as you know somuch about how huggies IT works, can you please fix the double posting problem and let all those people who cant access the forum in???
yeah sure, I can see how people not even logged into a system can be making it crap. Let me tell you sweetheart, as soon as this new system was transferred over the site was crap.

Mel (moniquesmum), can you remember as many problems with the famous old site?
ahh lilteapot!! i remember no such issues with the good OLD forum days!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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