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sheesh Lock Rss

Posted by: **JMTK**
well it was a pretty stupid comment to make and i have to say that she isn't winning any extra friends with that comment.

Have to agree with Manda sorry.

Thanks Jenni, It just staggers me someone who is so worried about people not liking them, goes and makes statements like this!!!
Posted by: Jaz mummy
Posted by: reesimone.
Posted by: Moniquesmum
Awwww the old forum now they were the good old days smile]
We never had any of this crap they we have to deal with now so sad

Oh, I miss the old forum too - espcially the blue and purple dots, so you knew who was logged in...LOL
[Edited on 25/07/2008]

Oh yes i miss the good old forum and the blue and purple dots too. I loved knowing who was and wasnt online.

Ooo i miss that too. Now i have to rely on msn hehe.

I dont miss the forum colours though, this one is so much easier, and heaps better we can change or names and edit posts (although that is annoying sometimes too)

But i have to agree with TP, i wonder how long until pics are not allowed anymore, i know i have one but its a pretty smal plain pic, i love seeing all the baby pics but i wonder hwo long till they go
I think the moving pics are the ones that will cause the troubles more so than the plain pics, wouldn't they?

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