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Spy-ware removers Lock Rss

Hi ppl,Just wondering if anyone knows of any good free or cheap py-ware removers?
Ad-aware and spybot are both very good, however you usually need to d/load both of them and maybe others to get rid of what you have on your comp.
Do you know the name of what is affecting your comp?
Another good program is, syphos, this found things on my computer that many other anti virus, spyware programs didnt. But it all depends on what is on your comp.
BTW they are all free on the net.
Post back reply if you need more help.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

sorry that should have been sophos not syphos.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

Thanks Holy for the advice,Ive downloaded Spy - bot and it seems to do the
you have to download it but i run mine every 30 minutes and in one week it has found over 350 infections. The cost is $30.00 there abouts to download but i think its money well spent.
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