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Failsafe diet Lock Rss

I am just about to start the fail safe diet and just wondering if any other huggies mums have done this and how it worked.

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Sounds interesting....are you able to post a link so I can have a squiz
I would love to but I am so totally computer illiterate (sp) that My DH can't belive that I can post here.

It is from the Fed up with food additives website by SUe Dengate.

My busy house

Hey there,

I've read the book and have been planning to do the diet with DD for umm... 2 months or so lol. It takes a lot of planning an preparation and I really want to stick to it so I keep putting it off till I'm prepared but then never get started lol.

She is mostly preservative free though, although I'm not too strict on it when we go to peoples houses etc.

Sorry just found your post about this somewhere else and just PM you Kathryn Rose.

I am just trying to plan a shopping list that I know will work in with the tribe and my work (little prep time some nights). I know that amines are a big factor but I know you shouldn't but I am thinking of just cutting out as much amines, and additives as possible and see if that helps. The nearest dietition is almost 2 hours away so not really helpful at this stage.

My busy house

Have you got the cookbook? There are some great ideas for meals etc on there.

Another thing I found helpful with DD was switching to A2 milk... but you already know that, because you're probably reading it in my pm now lmao.

I bought the whole pack. SO have spent the last few days reading. It even came with a DVD which I can't wait to show the skeptics.

Just wondering as the A2 milk seems to be a new thing where did you buy it from?

My busy house

I just get it from coles, it's a bit pricey (I pay $4.99 for 2L) but worth it. i think zymmil (sp?) milk is supposed to be similar, but you can also use soy.

The bonus with A2 and zymmil is that they don't taste any different so it is one less adjustment your DS will have to make.

One of the best points I think she made it the book and I pass on too people who are sceptical is that our bodies rely on bacteria to break down and digest food. If we load our bodies with preservatives which kill off the bacteria, how r we supposed to get the full benefit from the food we eat?

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