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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what the majority was for 1st babies, how many days overdue (if you were at all)?

I'm 2 days overdue 2day with my 1st DS and there are NO signs AT ALL of him coming anytime soon!

With my 1st i was 2 weeks overdue and got induced.
With my 2nd i was also nearly 2 weeks over but went naturally as i think she knew i didnt want to get induced again..

[Edited on 09/08/2008]

DS#1 induced at 8 days over he came at 9 days.

DS#2 induced at 10 days over he came at 13 days

DS#3 induced at 8 days over he came that day
Caleb was born on his due date
Amos was 6 days early
Elisha & David were 6 weeks early
Peter & Malachi were 2 weeks early

Mine were both induced 5 days past my due dates..
Got induced on the 10th day and didn't come along until the 11th. Ds was in no hurry to come along!
#1 two weeks ealry
#2 3 days late
#3 one week early
#4 and 5 both ceasers so two weeks early

I have my 41wk hospital visit on Monday so if he's not here by then I dare say they will book me in for an induction...

Want to share stories about being inducted? Is it worse/better/same?

My 1st was 2 weeks late exactly. was born the morning i was due to be induced.
put it this way, i had one induction and was happy to go back for 2 more.
Once the drip was put in, mine were both born within 4 hours!
Hard work, but quick result.
My last was 6 days overdue, they were going to let me go for 10 days but due to blood pressure decided to induce, I went in the night before and had the gel put in, woke up next morning having contractions.

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