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Facebook - I am a LONER, I am FRIENDLESS!! LOL Lock Rss

yay, thanks girlies for becoming my friends!!

Now to work out the world of facebook, excuse my sillyness if I send you messages etc in error!

I need some training wheels to work it all out! lol

is currently in NZ

Chelle is HOT if anyone is wondering lol one spunky mummy
Hey, I need some more friends getting a bit sad on my facebook page!! So please PM me some details if you can be my friend, or let me know and i can PM you if your hidden!!


ok just pm'd you ! lol

NOW - who hasn't got me ?? lol

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I pm'd you chelle and if any one wants to become my friend pm me your details.

Larissa Charlotte Brayden

Are you still looking for friends????? I'll be your friend smile]
yes please!! id love more friends. ill PM you. Everyone else can add me too!

Amber xx

[Edited on 12/08/2008]

Hi. You can add me.
[Edited on 12/08/2008]

Id love some more friends!!!

I will PM you but you may have to PM me as others have said im hard too find.


Yay, thanks ladies, now my facebook account does not look so bare! I have 30 lovely hugs mums as my facebook friends

anyone else want me as a friend, or want tobe my friend???

pm me your details so I can add you, or pinch me off your existing friends lists if I am on there.



is currently in NZ

I'll pm you my details. I was supposed to pm you now but I ended up posting everything. lol
[Edited on 13/08/2008]

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