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I am So happy! Lock Rss

I know it is still early days but things with EX in regards to DS seem to be going fabulously. I am proud of both ex and myself for being able to put OUR differences aside and be nice to one another for the sake of our gorgeous baby boy.

I know I have made the right decision and am so happy that i have stuck to it. Each day I am getting a little bit more of my old self back (the one I seemed to have misplaced/put aside while with ex) and am totally loving it!

I hope things continue the way they are!

I know that a few people have also made similar decisions as myself around the same time so i thought i would share this for you guys to so you know there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel (and NO it's the oncoming train lol) just stay strong, positive and believe in yourself!

anyways thats all for now! Much love!! xox
Good on you Jen thats GREAT!!

You'll be back to your old self before you know it


i am so happy for you! even more so that u can b mature in regards to your ds - u outr alot of mothers 2 shame (*ahem, dh's ex ahem*)

welcome to the new Jen!!
yay !!!!!! so glad everythings workin out for u !!!!

good luck !

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That is awesome news Jen, YOu should be proud of yourself for making a hard decision and being able to go with it and keep things friendly for the sake of your DS.

That's fantastic Jen, you are very strong for making that decision and you and ex DP are obviously doing a great job putting your little man first.
Pleased to hear you're feeling so good. It's never easy but your a strong chicky and both you and DS will be better for it.

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Yay for Jen!!

You do seem more upbeat in your posts nowdays too I must say Jen, Glad to hear all is wokring out okay, and glad for Lucas's sake that you and ex are getting along fine around him.

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This is such a Happy outcome. I like it when people can put their differences asides for their childrens benefit.

Good Luck on the future..

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