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My best friend is.... Lock Rss

no longer a human being!!! That is right I am now best friends with a 'thing' an item, a perishable one at that,lol........ and that thing is.............Mylanta!!!

It brings me comfort and relief and helps me sleep better at night. It really is my best friend with all this reflux!!!

So thank you I crush your chalky goodness between my chompers!!! I will sleep better now tonight!!!

Dee, i have to say i dnot envy you right at this very second because after the amount of junk i ate tonight when i got home from tafe, if i were at that stage of pregnancy id be in agony!

*raises glass* CHEERS for mylanta!!
Well I ate chicken mince sausage rolls for dinner and am regretting it over and over again,lol.

I had curry chicken and spicy rice, a vanilla ice cream and a snickers bar!!!! LOL i'm such a little fatty at the moment
Yummmmm snickers,lol.

I never had it Dee, but have heard that celery works a treat, or a spoonful of cider vinegar.

Hope it eases shortly so you can sleep!


is currently in NZ

Dee when pregnant with Caitlin i had integestion 24/7 and hated it i found quick eze were my best friends!!

Have you heard the old wives tale that integestion means your baby will have heaps of hair???
When Caitlin was born she had heaps, and i hardly had integestion with Emma and she had very little hair.

Yep have heard the wives tale and has been true for all 3 of my girls. They have all had a head of hair when born,lol.

Ta Chelle smile] It is bloody annoying when it keeps you awake at night that's for sure!!!
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Oooh yep Dee, I hear you! When I was pregnant with Jack I ate Rennie like it was going out of fashion! Nothing like waking up in the wee hours with horrid reflux!

Hope it doesn't bother you too much tonight.
It amazed me how it went away as soon as Caitlin was born. The following day i was like wow no integestion.

Apparantly there is something you can get from pharmacy that you drink and it lasts for ages, might help for overnight?

I had it 24/7 too when i was pregnant and Mil had practiaclly no hair till she was about 8 months old!!

Although i think that my reflux may have been caused by my constant vomiting. Renne too was my best friend. I never tried Mylanta.
Reflux/indigestion companies must make a fortune out of pregnant women,lol.

Thanks mele. lol I think junior must like Mylanta too, I am getting some serious belly dancin happening since I ate them,lol.

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