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Anyone heard from NAT? Lock Rss

Im thinking Nat's little girls must be nearly here by now, i think she was due this week?

Has anyone heard???

Still makes me giggle to imagine her with a pink one.

I hope she lets us all know how she is going, i still miss her on here!


i was talking to her last night amy, she's due on sunday and said shes been having lots of pressure and little niggly contractions.
she's well and has been keeping her DH very busy with the pink paint brush! haha, althought she said he secretly enjoys it LOL
Yay for Nat!! I bet her DH is loving having a pink brush out for a change, I am sure all her big brothers will spoil her rotten with heaps of attention once she arrives. Hmm, I'd put money on it, she'll be an outdoorsy kinda girl playing with the boys!!

Can't wait to hear of your sweet princess arriving Miss Nat

Carmen, I want to know as soon as you do!!!

Nat if your reading this, Much Love to you, and all the best for the delivery.




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Thanks i cant wait for Sunday!!!


I still speak to Nat on the twin site we are on... l have told her everyone is asking about her. I will post the details when they happen.

Cheers Kylie
I was talking to her the other day as well and I know she wants the little pink bubba out NOW LOL

I will most probably see her in hosi so I will let everyone know if someone hasnt already

Posted by: *LockysMum*

I will most probably see her in hosi so I will let everyone know if someone hasnt already

You have no idea how envious I am right now Cindy, I would LOVE to meet Nat!!!

I have never met anyone from hugs, but would jump at the chance to meet Nat!! She is amazing!

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She is pretty cool chelle

I used to go to playgroup with her LOL Ill rub it in a little more

yep, it worked, feeling realy envious now!!

I hope all goes well for the beautiful ant, and I can't wait to hear the news that she has finally arrived, a Pink after all that blue!!

Unless the u/s is wrong and it's going to be a blue one, lol. Poor Nat, would hate to think how that would feel!!

is currently in NZ

I remember when you and Nat were organising for you to meet up at Play Group!!! That seems like ages ago.

I too am very envious that you have met the famous "Nat" and i hope when i move to VIC i will be able to make the trip to meet her also.


i have met nat too! she is the best!!! nah seriously shes a nutter!

now honestly nats awsome, and i cant wait to met the pink bundle (isabelle or isabella i cant remember which)
I met Nat at Chrissy time ...she is a wacko !! lol lol ol

We went to the Hard Rock cafe at teh Gold Coast adn she couldnt make up her mnind what she wanted to drink ..the poor waitress had to write about 15 things down ..adn she settled on a ginadn tonic inthe end ....How boaring !! lol lol lol

THen we went to a bar and the real nat came out to play ...she is a HOOT !@!! lol lol lol lol lol ol
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