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My Pa (84) has been in Hossy for the past few months after breaking his hip, he has finally come home Monday.
He is a big drinker and wasn;t allowed any beer in hossy - torture for him!
When he got home he said to his DD he wanted some fresh air so she took him for walk around to the shop with his walking frame to get a few things.

She sais she had to go in the chemist and he said I'll wait outside so she left him sitting on the seat of his walker.

She came out and he was gone!
He has dementia so she was panicing a bit, next thing he came wandering up from anorther group of shops and said I am ready to go.
She asked where he'd been and he said no where and started walking.

She caught up and said whats tha in your basket??

A six pack of stubbies!! hehe

Even with Dementia he didn't forget where the bottle shop was!!
Cheeky Bugger!!!

Reading that made me smile so much Jess, I hope your Pa is doing ok.
aw jess, that is so cute!!

is currently in NZ

Hehe is is gorgeous, he is one of those tiny old men!!

He is doing great at home, it was looking pretty bad for a while in hossy and they wanted to put him in a nursing home which would have kille dhim straighaway.
He hasn't got a lot of time left but at least he is happy at home - still not meant to have beer though!!
Funny what they remember hey smile

I worked with the elderly for years. Loved it, we had some real good times
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Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

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