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For all of you mothers wanting bigger boobs. Just miss a few feeds overnight and wa-laa HUGE knockers!!! I woke this morning to the biggest, hardest, perkiest boobies I have every had! lmao Thanks Ben for missing your night feeds!!!
Lucky you! When mine do that it looks like I've shoved a bag of oranges down my top - all bumpy and uneven.
PMSL!! I had the same thing this morning!!!
Reagan has been sleeping terrible for the past week or so and waking all through the night and snack feeding, last night she went from 7.30-6 and OMFG I as in pain!!!
the worse bit was I was so full she only wanted one side!!
Oh well extra for the freezer!
Yeah I jumped in a boiling shower and expressed before I gave him any. He went from 8 till 6.30 and my boobs were sooooooo sore, and large bumps everywhere. Ben only took one side but I'd expressed off a fair bit from the otherside so they aren't soo sore now. I should have taken a picture - I will never have such nice looking boobs ever again!
LOL, I can relate!

I didn't feed this time, I chose formula from the start, so my milk came in and then went again after a few days of rock hard boobies!

DH was so shattered, he said if only I could have boobs like that all the time, but without the pain, he'd be soooo happy!!!

I would have put pammy to shame, they killed they were more than double what they normally are in size!!

is currently in NZ

Haha, poor DH! He always tries to have a grope when shes slept through but they hurt too much!
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