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I will be in trouble! Lock Rss

just binned some of the kids drawings they are always 'wasting' the printer paper drawing silly pictures usually only 1 per page so I binned them they will come home asking where are the pictures!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Emptythe bin straightaway!! I did that the other day and DS came out the next morning and said OH no look wt fell the bin!! Ooopps, we ended up keeping them!
lol I get into trouble all the time for throwing out some of DD's materpieces. Well if she didn't leave them scattered all over the place they might escape the bin!!!!

I got so sick of the girls using up all the printer paper that I now buy 10kg lots of butchers paper and chop it into smaller pieces and have a draw full of the stuff just for them to draw on. I chopped up a new batch this morning while looking on here,lol.

they are in the outside recycle bin already!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Dee - where do you get the butchers paper from??

DS and I have started to do Art time together, results in him covered in paint and me pretty well covered too, lol

We use ALL our computer paper, oh well, I just grad more from our office when I am in town, but I'd love to get hold of some butchers paper, that would be great fun to paint on, but have no idea where to get it from!

is currently in NZ

Bump for Dee to answer me...

is currently in NZ

lol sorry must have missed your question earlier Chelle.

I got my paper from a packaging supply place in Rocky (actually my Mum got it for me) I got it around 12 months ago and am around half way through the 10kgs of paper. My girls do a lot of drawing and painting,lol.

Heaps cheaper then buying reflex paper all the time.

lol...i get in trouble for this all the time. I just play dumb and pretend that I havent seen them, but if she sees them in the bin, then I am stuck for words....

By the way, I would love to know where you get butchers paper from too???

A mate used to get some of the newspaper sized paper from the newspaper office too. The stuff that was misprinted (too light to read) or blank. Not sure if they paid for it or not. So that is somewhere else you could ask. Ask a butcher too if you are friendly with one you might get it cheaper.

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