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these anxiety attacks wont stop tonight. i figure that hot drinks are making it worse. who knows why but it is, nothing triggered it off. i just got it again tonight. i wont to go to bed soon but this horrible feeling wont go away.
ive tried walking around, breathing deeply. had a shower which helped for a while. i cant handle it any longer so has anyone got an ideas on what i can do
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i dont want to be a pain i just cant handle this feeling. can anyone help
ok look up pilates or yoga on line, take a deep breath and try to follow some moves, it may clear your head a little. have you seen anyone about them? make and appt for your Dr asap.
Hi im really sorry, i have never had these problems, but could you try some deep breathing?

Other than that i am out of ideas.

Sorry, Hope you find the help you need.
I don't know how safe it is during pregnancy, your pharmacist could advise, but there is a product called 'rescue remedy' that you can spray in your mouth and it calms you, my aunt swore by it to get through my cousins wedding day, she was a blubbering mess till she had some of this, well heaps of it by the end of the day!

maybe get some tomorrow and see if it helps??

is currently in NZ

Just noticed that you are pregnant, make sure the moves are ok for pregnant women.
Aww love, sorry to hear this.

I get Panic Attacks but not to that extent.

What about a nice warm bath?

Is there something that you can take while your pregnant that might calm you down?

What about a phone call to a friend to try and calm and distract you?

Go to your local health shop tomoz and see what Oils are ok for you and bub, then maybe try to burn some Essential Oils tomorrow night if they come on again, they are supposed to help relax and calm KWIM

Hope you feel better soon babe

Oh and have some Chocolate.

Chocolate fixes EVERYTHING! lol

yea ive told the docter when i first started getting them. they werent much help other then telling me that i am ok i am not dying (which i know already) i just want to cry now.
ive been sitting here for a while doing hte deep breathing. and slowly stretching and moving about a bit

Zebby*N*Chops i would LOVE choc right now but i have tonsilitis now to so everything tastes gross, even my beloved smarties
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Do you have a good book to read? Sometimes that can distract you or maybe play some games.
dont even own one book lol. i hate reading i am to impatient and forget what i just read. i want a bath but i have used all the hot water having showers today oops
this attack is prob jsut from being sick. ive got the flu & tonsilitus and am on 500mg of antibiotics 3 times a day (only started that today) and everything still hurts. im just in the wars the past week
Leish are you gargling Listerine for your Toncilitis?

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