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Great house, crappy area??? Long post sorry!! Lock Rss

OK so we have been looking for a house for a while and so far are yet to find anything that we like. Today while looking at another house (which was horrid mind you LOL), the real estate mentioned that he had one for sale in our price range in Frankston North.

Now for those of you dont live in Victoria, Frankston North is known as "The Pines", and has quite a few housing commision houses that are starting to be sold off to private owners thanks to the new East Link. But in saying that the housing commision is being sold off, at the moment it really still is a lower socioeconomic area.

The house is right on the edge of "the pines" and bascially the other side of the road is known as Carrum Downs. DD wouldnt be sent to a school in the pines and instead she would be sent to a school in Carrum Downs.

The house has everything that we are looking for. Although small the kitchen is functional and despite needing renovation, is neat, tidy, clean and athsetically pleasing. Our fridge will fit in the fridge space and our dining room table will fit with room to spare in the dining area. The lounge is large and same with the bedrooms. The house has all new polished floors and window furnishings and although the bathroom needs a new vanity at the very least, the shower is updated and the tiles are clean and tidy. The house has been recently painted and down lights put in. It has an ok sized back yard which we could easily build a deck area and it has a single steel garage. This is everything that we are looking for all coming in for $10K under what we would like to spend. It also has a big park at the end of the street and is at the end in a court location.

Now with interest rates being the way that they are at the moment we are wondering if we should sacrifice what area we want to save some money and so that we dont over extend ourselves but still get everything in a house that we are looking for.

HELP!! i dont know if i am being snobby, but i feel like i would be embarrased to say i lived in this area. What are your thoughts?
[Edited on 16/08/2008]
I live in an ex housing commission area in Sydney. I grew up in this suburb and moved a whole 400 metres when hubby and I decided to buy our own home.

When my sister was looking for work in the city people would always ask where she lived. She would always state where it was and always felt a little bit embarassed about it. However, after getting her first full time job she realised that the area she lived in was nothing to be ashamed of.

When we moved out we bought what we could afford, well we actually spent less than the bank was lending us and we have never ever regretted the decision.

So, after all my rambling, I say go for it. You can use that extra money you are saving to do a bit around the house to make it a little more comfortable. If the housing commission places are being sold then that will only increase the prices in the area and should hopefully attract a better crowd of residents.

Never be ashamed to say the name of where you live, atleast you are lucky enough to be able to buy your own home.

Is OVER rude people

Good, cos i just put in an offer lol
If the housing commision is being sold off then in a few years the area will alot different. And if the other side of the road is known as a different suburb use the same on your postal address. Be thankful you can afford to buy your own home it sounds like it is what you want apart from a few renos but that is easy done especialy if you borrow an extra $5000 to pay for the renos

Cheers Ness
Ive said to Dp that the bathroom is liveable, but id would like to do some stuff to it. The things that need to be done, we can do outselves for a few hundred $$$ aall the while adding value

I'm shaking, i hope he takes our offer!
WooHoo Ab that's great! I've got my fingers crossed for you that the offer is accepted.

I wouldn't worry about the area too much. As long as you're happy and the house is safe that's all I'd worry about.

Yay, Go Ab!! I hope they accept, when do you find out??
Well i put in an offer 10K below asking, the owner has come back and said give me another 5K. I was happy to pay another 5K, but DP and MIL are hashing it out with the real estate at the moment.
[Edited on 16/08/2008]
How exciting! I remember that feeling, its like being on a really scarey ride before it starts up and ur not sure if u should get back off hehehehe...
Hope it all works out for ya hun.
Well all i can say is No Deal! LOL

The owner wont take our offer, and DP and MIL dont want to go up to his. Looks like i have to look for another place.
let them sweat on it for a few days and offer same again ab. They might hold of thinking you'll cave and pay the extra.

Has it been on the market for long?
Hi Ab! I live in Frankston too so I know what you mean about telling people you live in The Pines. Although I think the area is changing a bit. At the very least it will get you in the market, you can do some improvements and if the area hasn't improved any in the next couple of years you may have made enough improvements and be able to buy in a different area. I think different parts of Frankston have different reputations iykwim?
As the previous poster said, hold out for a week or so and the owners may change their minds! Good luck, I hope they do!

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