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Firstly, Im really sorry and dont want to agrue, fight or cause anyone to get upset, im not expressing an opinion or asking for one, I just want clarification of what I heard.
Once I get that I will edit the post.

I heard the end of a news story before about legalising the termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks gestation?? Surely I heard wrong, thats end of 2nd trimester?? Does that mean now that gender preference will be reason enough, or change of mind, rather than serious medical conditions?

Geez I hope you heard wrong. That would be sad.
I forgot to add that Im in Vic, not sure if it was talking about national or state, like i said i just heard the end of it

I really really hope you miss heard. That is terrible!!
in the US i think it is 24 weeks or something..
anyway... there was a baby aborted at 24 or 26 weeks or something because they thought he had a defect but it turned out he was fine and they were stuggling to keep him alive in NICU or something like that. It was a while ago and i haven't seen anything about it since.
This was just this morning, about changes to the legilation, and was definately Oz, said going thru parliment end of the month, but like i said not sure if it was state or national, and could of sworn they said up to 24 weeks.....,21985,23789401-2862,00.html
i found that if u want to have a look
OMG that is so sad.... 24 weeks is a baby.... a prem.

Fingers are crossed that it is a case by case basis eg. medical condition ect. I think this process should contain some hard core counselling ifykwim....

Maybe with all the baby dumping and cruelty going on, not to mention killing this may have prompted the government to do this... I don't believe this would be a better option however I am really not sure which one I would want out of the both evils ifykwim....

That's pathetic. Sounds like they can do it for any reason. What a crock of SHlT! Call it what you want, I still say it's murder. 24 weeks? What the hell is wrong with these ppl making this decision!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I am in Vic and I had not heard anything on this until seeing your thread.

this is from the article someone posted the link to

A third option would give women the power to choose an abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

someone tell me this does not mean that they can chose to abort at any stage of pregnancy, for example after 24 weeks for any stupid reason they think of. What if they decided to abort at 8 mths preg?? That is wrong!!

That is a dangerous law to have in place if it is that they are going to be able to do the above.

For example - How many people would end up having a spat with their partner and then split up before bubs is born, in the heat of the moment, imagine someone choosing to end their bubs life due to an argument with their DP/Dh/Df etc...that is sick that they can even have that choice available.

I am absolutely sickened that they are contemplating changing this law to allow such things.

i hope this doesn't get passed. It could get very scary. Is it not true (correct me if i am wrong) but if you lose your child after 6 months, you still get the baby bonus?
Its actually been legal to terminate a pregnancy as far as 24 weeks for well at least 9yrs. Tys has spina bifida and I was given the option of terminating my pregnancy with him and I chose not to. I dont think I could sit there and watch my baby die after birthing him iykwim?? Also I havent read the article but I doubt that gender selection and the like would come into play. It would be used more in the cases of abnormalities, victims of rape ect who dont realise they are pregnant earlier on ect ect. I can see it now with the anti termination mobs what an uproar!!!
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