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PJ day Lock Rss

Once again its has rolled around to 1pm and i am still in my pj's!!
I had my Pj day yesterday!!

Im so over the weekend wish it was the week already!!!!
I'm still in my P.J's

Im going to go and get my P'j on!!!

I'm still in my pj's!!

Will be getting in the shower soon!!
well get your bloody PJ's off and go PEE ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!! lol.
LMAO i am about to go get dressed and head down the shops now. Patience People!!
i think you should know by now no one here has patience when it comes to things like this lol.

crist i would have been at the door waiting for the shop to open.
Well i just want to do it for my own piece of mind. I am pretty sure its come to come back BFN.

I better go get dressed before you guys come and hunt me down and force me to pee on a stick LOL
Well looks like your going to have to wait till tonight!!

DP had just told me after coming in from the shed that he is going down to his mum and dads place. Mils is asleep so i have to wait for her to wake up or him to get home. Not Happy. I still havent eaten lunch cos i have been waiting for him to finish so i could go shopping.

Looks like i am going to have to scrounge around for something to eat and i might stay in my PJs another hour or so!
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