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I'm new to the forum & hoping to get some advices to my confusion.
I'm a mother to a just-turn-1yr old daughter. I'm starting her on cow's milk very soon (am still finishing 2 tins of formula), my questions are:
1. do i have to feed her a specific brand of cow's milk or any full fat one will do?

2. when i'm out & about, obviously i need to keep the milk cold. I'm thinking of buying one of those insulated baby bottles bag, but i'm not sure as to how long the bag can keep the milk cold. or is there any other better way to keep the milk cold when you're out & about?

appreciate your help & advices on this.

When I headed out I used to just buy (if possible) a little carton of milk or if I couldn't get that I just used a UHT popper milk!! and just put it into my bottle that way!!


Hi there welcome to huggies smile]

Any full fat milk will be fine

And ive found when im out and about just to buy a 600 ml cold milk easy peasy

Or if not near shops i make sure i have ice pack and put bottles in cold pack it will last the day smile Hope that made sense
Hi i have one of those advent insulated bags and that keeps hot for 4 hours so i would think it would keep cool for just as long. Cows milk of any type would be fine, they make kids milk with etc iron etc but i guess if your child eats well and gets all the vit's and minerals theres not much need to spend the extra dollars.



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