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I wrote this post in another area but I think that i put it in the wrong section. I am just wondering whether any of the parents out there with twins were sruprised to find out that they were have 2 babies? I have my second ultrasound next Wedensday but am starting to get quite nervious with how my pregnancy is progressing.

I am only asking this as i am roughly 4.5 months pregnant and i look like i am ready to give birth. I know most people who are preggers may think that they are huge duringtheir pregnancy, but i recently went to the hospital to visit a family member, and the midwives who worked at this particular hospital asked if i was in labour as i look like i am 9 months.

I have been told that some twins can hide one another (ie hiding behind one another, and syncrinizedheart-beats.) My first child is the only survivor of tripplets (i lost the othere two within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) and twins are a frequent arivial in my family.

Any one that can help me with any information would be greatly appriciated

little monkeys

I left a message on your other post

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Deonne, I knew at 8wks. It was only a scan in the Obs office but because of the way they were positioned they were easy to see.

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