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Induction after C-Section Lock Rss

I've heard that after you have a ceasar you can't be induced with the drip next labour as it can rupture your previous scar. Has anyone else heard this?
I'm hoping that its true as I hated being induced via the drip with my son as I was also hooked up to the internal monitor and therefore unable to find a comfortable position.

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Hi Kristy - I asked the same question on another site and the moderator who is a midwife gave me this answer - hope it helps.


As for the induction. Some caregivers will induce with medications (prostaglandins - the gel - or a syntocinon drip) but more and more caregivers won't these days because it does increase the rare risk of the scar opening during labour as the medications can overstimulate the uterus to contract too much.

Other options are mechanical methods of induction such as breaking the waters or using a Foley's catheter (a small ballon inflated inside the cervix to dilate it). These dont have the risk of rupturing the scar and can be good alternatives.

Also, many caregivers place 'hurdles' to jump for women planning a VBAC. Such as close monitoring, dilating 1 cm an hour etc as Melanie mentioned. However, many of these have no medical or research basis and you can negotiate to have them altered to suit your needs, or find a more supportive caregiver.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply Phantom
My sister-in-law who lives in Qld told me this is the case up there and as we live in Vic I was hoping it was the same.
That makes me look forward to my next labour (whenever it may be) just that little bit more as I was fine with labour until they put me on the drip thats when my labour turned nasty. But Liam was also faceing towards my left side so my contractions were even more intense than normal according to my doctor.
I suppose though if labour is taking too long then you have an increased chance of another c-section as thats an option they can't follow. My SIL has also been told that they'll constantly be monitoring her bub, she's almost certain it'll be internal monitoring.
I was wondering if they do things different state to state.

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Hi Kristy,

I know what you mean about induction and intense contractions. I was induced because of gestational diabetes and as soon as the drip went in I went from nohing to full on. Ended up with the caeser due to foetal distress.

I am on the NSW/Vic border and because they shut our maternity hospital on the NSW side, I had my bub in the Vic hospital. I have a few friends who are midwives in the hospital, so when I speak to them next I will ask them what they do. I assume different states do different things as do probably different hospitals and doctors. It might be worthing asking your doctor what they do so you have an idea before your next pregnancy.


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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