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Yes it can be done. I have done it on 2 occasions.
When I decided to leave my husband, but before I found a rental to move to. So for about a month. But I think Centrelink put a time limit in it.
Then 18 months later when exhusband still hadn't moved out of our marital home, even though he was meant to be out after 6 months. Myself and the kids moved back in. Seperate rooms. I had to get written statements from several friends to state that we weren't a couple. I had a new partner anyway. We paid half the mortgage each. I did that for 6 months and he still wouldn't move out, so I move out again.
So yes it can be done. I've known other people to do it too. Share the house and care of the children but that's it.

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yes well if it was a mutual thing it would be ok but i have never had that so i wouldn't know...

btw that kitty is so cute!!!

I suppose they would live together if it was ammicable and they couldnt afford to run 2 separate households.Also if things are going ok it would be good for the kids to see both parents regularly. Obviously not a good idea though if the relationship is sour and nasty

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Interestingly I wonder if/when they get back together centrelink is updated....
Posted by: princessdora
i thought that would be the case, so she must be rorting.

that is a bit unfair though when a gay couple could live together and both claim single pension.

I have to put my 2 cents in here. Take this up with the government cos its them stopping us from been seen as a family. The only thing i find unfair about it is when we tell centrelink we r a couple and they turn around and say, Not to us ur not. Thats unfair. On the other hand if they r going to let 2 single mums or 2 single dads live together and both claim single parent then more fool the government.
Haven't read all the replies but years ago I was sharing a house with a male friend. We had separate rooms and I was getting the single parenting payment. I bought my own food, looked after my own things we were just saving on expenses by living together in the same house. I had to fill in forms for centrelink stating that. They contacted him and asked questions like if I was sick would he stay home to look after me or if i needed "womens items" would he buy them etc. No he wouldn't. They came and spoke to me at the house because my ex husband said that we were in a relationship. Though they could not ask for me to show them my room I could volunteer it and I did. I also showed the receipts I had for the rent I paid and showed receipts for my groceries etc. I told them the truth and they believed me. I moved out a few months later as that was the plan all a long. I moved in when my ex husband had stopped paying child support and it was being chased up but I had no money.

currently being updated please check back later.

Rainbows mum, I did add later in the thread that I dont think gay couples are actually doing anything wrong, the government policies are in need of review smile

I didnt think of gay couples being upset because they cant be seen as a couple untill bob aka TAm pointed it out.

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Its all cool, I knew what u were saying, smile] It does suck but hay this is the Australian government, They arent about to change with the times any time soon lol
i would like to assume so teapot.
in the case of my friend and her ex, i highly doubt they will get back together, from what she and he has said.

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

rainbows mum,
happy i didnt upset you smile

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Yes, she can claim it.

I have a friend that was in the same situation, and they still lived together, seperate rooms, seperate food, everything. She got single parenting payment, and he HAD to pay maintanence (sp).


They said they had to be in seperate rooms, and also think had to sign a stat dec saying that they werent together but living at the same adress, due to having a daughter, and it being the best option for her etc....

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hi, im pretty sure you can, as long as you have plans to move out, and i presume after a few months you would have to provide proof, like giving them a few real estates numbers that either the mum or the babies father has called.
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