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Hi All,

Just in regard to this topic (slightly off track), but what happens if you are claiming PPS and you've signed a stat dec to say there is no relationship..but eventually the pair got back together again? I know the question has been asked by a PP about c'link being updated, but would they then make you pay back the PPS based on them thinking that you'd been together all along?
What about a Woman claiming PPS, who is single, but living with a male friend...and then they ended up a couple?
I've had a few friends who have done this, but have never asked the outcome. They seem to be doing ok and have not mentioned any problem, but I wonder when c'link found out eventually whether they'd get suss on them - even though there is no real way to prove they were a couple?

Sorry if that was confusing, it's just such a confusing topic!
I haven't read replies so sorry if you already have the answer!

You can actually live with your ex and recieve a payment- there is a form called something along the lines of Separated but living under the same roof.
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