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  5. does ur DP try to make u look stupid?

does ur DP try to make u look stupid? Lock Rss

last night i called my DF because he was meant to call me but didnt cod he went to the pub instead and he was there with all his mates and he started going off and hes like stop calling me a w@anker and (alot of other names i wont write) all the time and im sitting on the other end thinking what the?? i never called him anything and he was yelling at me about all this stuff and it occured to me he was showing off to his friends trying to look all marcho and trying to make me out to be a cow, i was so cranky, he does it all the time when hes with his friends
does anyone elses partner do this?

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

I think with behaviour like this he deserved to be called the names he called himself!!!

I wouldnt allow him to do that to you, you are better than that and deserve better.

Um he wouldn't want to try... I would give him a smack across the chops! lol

But he does do similar things like "No I can't come home and have sex with you... I'll buy you a vibrator if you want it that badly" ... lol

He thinks it's funny... hmm...

yes all the time it drives me mad

No. If he did not only would his friends hear him being called all those names, but he'd also be begging them for a bed to sleep in as he wouldn't be back in mine.

Sounds like you've picked yourself a bit of a knob in the 'how to show your woman respect' department.
No, but also my DH doesnt drink alcohol.

And plus he works so much that when he dos have days off all he wants to do is stay at home and relax (works 12hours a day on his 8 day shifts, then has 4 days off).


trust me if i was there he would have copped it big time, ever since hes been in the mines its like he always has to try prove he wears the pants and it drives me nuts, and his friends are the type that think here girlfriends or wives are there slaves and if they dont do what they are told they will cop it so he treats me like crap in front of em, since i been away hes made all these new friends that sound like complete a holes and they wont be welcome at my home.
i always seem to pick jerks!!
My hubby works in the mines and he wouldnt dare talk to me like that.

Sounds like he is acting like a single bloke who doesnt really care for your feelings.

Is he worth hanging on to? Maybe trade him in for a nicer model???


No, certainly not and never will.

Is OVER rude people

My DH works in the mines too, and his attitude hasn't changed.
And plus he knows if he treats me like sh*t, I will do it right back and usually alot meaner (I can be a real B*tch at times).


ACE im definately thinking bout it trust me.!
all the guys around my age think they are top stuff cos they work in the mines and they got brand new cars on a lease plan and a free house to live in so that boosts the whole ego trip they got going on!
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