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  5. does ur DP try to make u look stupid?

does ur DP try to make u look stupid? Lock Rss

So really what you could do is hurt their egos alittle bit by saying that they dont own anything. They dont have their own car and are staying in a house for free. It's not hard to hurt a males ego, I do it sometimes without even realising.


he used to, but for a long time now he has been fine.
EXCEPT when his one mate is over. the both of them ignore us (me and his wife) we could do a nudie dance in front of them and i swear they wouldnt notice lol
no way if dan said that i would kick him up the bum!!!!

honey i think your and angle and if i was a man and single i would come save you,

you dersive so much more then him i hope things only get better

Noooo he wouldnt dare!! haha

AKA Chante

Nah ...hubby is happy where is balls are situated on his body ...he dosent much like the thought of them being rammed down his throat !! lol lol ll lol

I would say there is a bit of a respect issue here ..lets hope you get it sorted before you get married ..
Nope never would. And if he did he'd have his nuts wrapped round his neck and would be in need of someplace else to sleep.

It is not on that he treats you like this, I would be having a sit down chat with him and asking if he is really interested in having you as a girlfriend he will respect, or if he wants to just eff right off now.

No one should be treated like that!
Stupid double post. Fix the damn site arghhh!
[Edited on 25/08/2008]
thanks ladies it seems the majority dont do this and i am already thinking bout leaving him, i cant name any good points he has anymore and i think when its like that then its goodbye!
oh and lukes_mum i am so not getting married ever! i know its every girls dream but i cant ever see me going down the isle
Ive read a few of your posts now, and i honestly think you would be better off without this guy!!

No-ones partner should resort to that kind of name calling. Spesh infront of friends! Where is the respect??

I think its time you let him know that his behaviour is not acceptable and see if he's willing to change and treat you as his girlfriend and mother of his child, not some sheila he picked up from the pub for the night!!

ETA- my Dh is by no means perfect, but he certainly doesnt name call, prefers to be the boss about everything, but never name calls!

[Edited on 25/08/2008]
You know what you and your beautiful DD need and want better,the father of my older children was mentaly abusive and i had enough one day and packed my two children up at the time and never looked back,if you love him then sit down and tell him how you feel and what you want,if you want out they go darl and dont look back my kids are my rock and i would not be where i am today with out them.
Good luck in what you decide.
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