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I have recently started seeing a new man and tonight he is coming for dinner - what shall I make him for dinner??? He's into fitness etc so probably likes healthy stuff do you girls have any ideas?

A stir fry of meat, veg and noodles?

ooohhhh how exciting - new love.

stir fry sounds healthy.

sorry cant think of healthy stuff atm.

but good luck.

check out this site

maybe an nice roast
make a roast? i love roasts and if i wanna butter brad up for any reason i cook roast pork and veggies

I always do a roast when I have people over
Chicken stirfry
Spaghetti with salad
Lasagne with salad
Quiche with salad

Can't think of anything else

Thanks guys you are awesome gasp)

I don't think I will have time for a roast tonight - but stirfry sounds like a good idea good idea ... they are nice and quick to cook as well ....

Hard to stuff up also LOL

what time u having dinner i put the roast on at 3 and its ready by 5-6

Have a good night smile]

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