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Waiting for it... Lock Rss

Is exactly what I am doing tonight!

DS is in his very own big bed tonight for the first time and I am up waiting for a THUD! I have put some spare pillows and a blanket down beside his bed on the floor to 'soften' his fall (if he has one) but it hasn't seemed to ease my mind lol!

Going to be a long night I think!
How cute! Lucky that they usually bounce!
ok, before i go to bed i will add this, lol - i did the exact same thing for about 3 months when i put dd into a bed, lol!

oh, it's been 10 months and i am still waiting for a thud! hasnt happened *yet*
He hee.. same here, except I've put our sofa under his bed as we've just put him in a half sized kinda bunk.. :-S
Very scarey, I'm still nervy about him being up soo high but he loves it and is actually staying in it! *touch wood*
It's his 5th night tonight and I wake through the night, do the quick pace up to his room to check up on him! He heee... wink
Wishing your son all the best with such a big change!


Hey Jen, another tip we do with Noah is have a thick rolled up blanket under his bottom sheet, kind of like a rail, so he cant roll up and over it (well makes it harder to), best thing we did.

Hes been in his bed 4 months and only fallen out once but he was ok, just scared him a bit then he went back to sleep lol.

Yay Lucas in his big bed!

How did the night go Jen??

How did it go Jen?
Noahsmummy- that's a really good idea, thanks for sharing!!

Memmi- lol so glad I'm not the only one lol YAY that there have been no falls for you..yet lol

DS done pretty well, didn't fall out or stir so YAY lol Fingers crossed tonight is much like last! It's very nerve wrecking lol everytime he moved I jumped up ready to catch him.
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