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Birthday presents for 2yr old Lock Rss

Our son is turning 2 shortly & I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for some 'different' presents to give him. Or has anyone had their little one just turn 2, what did you give them & what was a hit or a dud? Many thanks smile
Hi Janelle,

Our little man is turning 2 in July and we have already got his birthday present. We have got him a Thomas the Tank Wooden Train set. He saw one in Toyworld and started playing and we couldn't get him away from it. They are a bit expensive, but the quality is very good.
Hope this helps.

Sam, Brissie Mum DD 13, DS 10, DS 5 & DS 5 months

Hi Janelle,

Our little boy turns 2 in May. We have also bought him a wooden train set, although ours is not Thomas. It has a table to set the train set up in and drawers for storage, it also comes with aminals and people. (available from Target)We also bought Kristopher some "Little People" by Fisher Price. He already has the Stable, Cars and the Train set, we are about to add "Noha's Ark" to the collection. He loves it. I have the Train set in his room and he will sit in there and play with that for up to half an hour to an hour,which I think is great for a 2 yr old.
Well good luck, and Happy Birthday to your son.
Hi everyone,

For my daughters 2nd birthday, we bought her a chalk board. We were going to give her a tea set, but decided a tool set was more apprpriate. I also bought her lots of colouring books, her first textas (which are saved for vital outings!) and pencils.

Have fun shopping,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. Finley loves his 'Little People' as well and has the Farm and Train set at the moment. He also has a Geo Trax train set as well and a chalk board. Chalk board was a fantastic pressie - has a whiteboard, feltboard, chalk board and magnetic board all in one. Got to love grandparents! We thought about buying him some Mega Bloks as part of his pressie. Are these a hit?
Hi again Janelle,

Yes they are a hit, even a year and a half later. My daughter was given these from her grandparents for her first birthday too. She may not have played heaps with them at first, and needed lots of adult help, but they are a great long term toy!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Janelle,

I have a son (called Finlay as a matter of fact!) who is a bit over 2.5 yrs old.

He loves balls of all sorts so loved his cricket bat and ball that we bought him. It is a soft ball so he can even play cricket in the house. Good for hand eye co-ordination.

Loves blocks of any sort, loves his geo trax train set (but mainly loves to make the train crash) and also his trike.

He also has a cubby house which he loves and a slippery dip. Lot of outdoor things because he loves spending time outside.

Good luck, it's lots of fun at this age.

Hi Janelle,

One more thing that I thought of is musical instruments. I know they can be loud but my son loves them. He has a keyboard, xylophone, maracca's, tambourine etc. and we have a great old time playing them and singing and dancing away!

i bought my daughter a blow up thing full of balls she loved it. (for her first birthday) shes really getting into it now she loves it and plays in it all the time. i've got her a sea saw and other stuff for her 2nd which is in JUNE 04 and for christmas this year looking at some cubbys that aint cubbys LOL that dont make sense cant explain them any better than that. i wanted to get her a art easel but NOOOOO my MIL wants to get her one to keep the peace and let her shut up for more than 2 minutes without sooking i thought i'd better let her...


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

eilishsmummy: Hi my birthday is 5 June too and my little boy's is 15 June - great month!

Yvette: Hi my little boy Finley often gets called Finlay. I actually liked both names but Hus chose Finley over Finlay.

All: MILs there is another topic in itself hahaha! Thanks for all your great suggestions for pressies :0)
Hi Janelle,

Kristopher got Mega blocks for christmas this year and he loves them. He is really getting into them now. Can you tell me what are the GEO TRAX all about? Are the good?

Hi mummy jen,
Thanks for your reply. It looks like Mega Bloks will be a goer. Geo Trax are made by Fisher-Price. It is basically a train set that runs on tracks. It uses batteries and has it's own remote control station where the kids can turn the the train off and on and make all the train sound effects. It has built on features like a farm house station and carriages and a construction site and carriages plus others. We got our son's on special at Big W before Xmas. Our little boy loves it as he can play with the trains on the track or off the track and he is quite easily able to control the train using the hand control. Each add on bit has it's own hand control that controls the different trains and sound effects. There are also lots of different types of cargo, signs and barriers included in the different add on packs. Hope this helps.
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