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im back! Lock Rss

after a very stressful two weeks moving and sorting out my new house cleaning the old, my computer breaking internet not working im finally back!

i love my new house,
i love the time i have spent with my kids while no internet
havent loved cleaning while no internet!

did i miss anything exciting? or just same old?

Welcome back, I am glad the move went well.

welcome back, good to see you again. hmm dont think you have missed much. ohhh but rhylie turned 2 last week on wed!
[Edited on 28/08/2008]
and look at your gorgeous belly coming along!

thanks! satarting to get that fat feeling. and i feel really sick today.
you dont look fat!
its just a gorgeous lil belly!!

hope you feel better soon (hugs)

your havcing a boy right??

yep having a little boy.

i had vanilla malt milk at 6:30 this morning lol think that didnt agree with me to well.

well i better get moving nad get us both dressed.
Welcome back!!I am glad the move went well!!


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