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low milk supply??? Rss

hi ladies. wrong thread i know but more ppl in here. i think im running out of milk. i can only express 20-30 mls out and thats between both breasts. my baby is 11 days old now she is feeding and settling fine but am worried i running out milk. Any suggestions???????????????????????? i really want to breast feed her for as long as possible.
thanks in advance
Dont panic - expressing is hard and especially at night the best time is first thing in the morning after a hot shower.

Just rest well and drink plenty of water - just keep feeding normally and it will be fine bub is only 11 days so she wouldn't need much at each feed.

Are you getting let down while expressing? Because if not, it's hard to get anything out. With my third baby, that's about all I could express. Even though I could easily get a bottle out with previous babies. But I couldn't get let down to happen with the 3rd for some reason. Now with my 4th it's fine.
If she is settled and having lots of wet nappies, then she should be fine.

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Hello and congrats on on your new baby Madison. Love the name LOL.. Your breasts may change shape and you may feel like they are empty but this is normal and they will return to their normal size

Dont panic I went thru the same thing I have some tips that may help you when you think your supply is low:

1. A warm shower always helps ( when your in there give your breasts a massage it will stimulate the milk ducts)
2. Plenty of sleep if possible I know you may not know what that word is yet but it will get better.
3. Express more, everytime you do this your breasts think that little bubs is hungry and produces more milk.
4. Drink tea or herbal tea if you can, I found that this helps with my supply but everyone may be different.

Good luck and I hope what I have sent will help you.

I was no good at BF but gave it a good shot. The laction consultant told me to express after each feed or as close to dont leave it too long (easier said than done i know)to increase milk supply.The more that comes out the more you make. Also in the recipe section there is a recipe for laction increasing biscuits (they are really yummy) Or even the doctor can prescibe something like motilium which increases milk supply medically. Alfalfa is something else thats good to increase. Good luck i'm sure you will be fine it's hard for the first 6 weeks. I really wish you well


i had alot of trouble feeding rhylie and gave up at 6wks old. if i could have i would have kept going (better luck this time) but i was talking to my MW this time about it and said i couldnt express anything, sometimes id be lucky to get 5mls. and she said that is no indication of not having enough milk, some women jsut cant express, otheres have no trouble.
I use to express piss all too! My mum gave me the "oh I use to fill a bucket" quotes that made me think my milk supply was in sufficient. I was told by everyone to drink more water, but then all I would do is pee all day lol and the milk would be the same.

I didnt do anything...Just fed her when she wanted and Gave her Farex at 4&1/2 months, proper solids at 6 months etc. I only just stopped feeding a month ago, So my small milk suply got her through the 1st year of her life!

I never used a breast pad, not even when I stopped feeding! I didnt try and express heaps as my boobs/nipples would end up too sore to feed. I just expressed when I had to, and had formula sachets for if I couldnt express but had to go out.

Goodluck and Im sure you will be fine smile

If you have enough for bubs but can't get any extra out its probably normal, hope that just made sense!
Some people don;t really get much out by expressing but have a fine supply, expressing is different to bubs feeding so that may be why.
Do you feel a tingly let down when you are expressing?
Are you demand feeding?
As long as she is being put to the breast frequently you should be producing enough to satisfy her.

Is she settled & sleeping well?
Ok when you say you are expressing, is that before or after a feed?
That will affect the amount that you are expressing.
When you do express, remember that it is only TRYING to mimic the suction of a baby. But cannot regulate the speed or even the mouth structure a baby has on the breast.

Is bubs sleeping after a feed? Falling asleep on the boob?
That's a good sign bubs is full, so you would have enough milk.

If I remember correctly, bubs would be going through a little growth spurt about now, feeding a little more often? So your milk supply will probably be trying to play catch up.

Try going to your nearest health food store, they have a product, hmm starts with F fenguruk something like that lol. Supposed to help boost your supply.

I have fed both my babies (still feeding my 18mth old), our boobs go up and down, playing tricks on you lol

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Hey there =) I've had loads of trouble with supply.. I have a lazy baby, inverted nipples and not much milk! >.<
The things you can try, which i'm sure you've heard already, is just feed as much as baby wants. Even if it's every half hour or less and express whenever possible after feeds. This never worked for me.. I find my boobs work better if i wait at least 4 hours before each feed so i actually have a decent amount in them!
I have a breastfeeding tea which you should be able to get from most chemists. The brand is 'Weleda' if you'd like to look for that, though it only helps with production so you have to try feeding and pumping lots too.
I am also taking homeopath drops which i have found to be the best thing. I used to have trouble expressing 30ml but after 3 days on drops i can get 50ml easily. Hopefully it keeps getting better!
Here's a list of the ingredients in it. If you have a homeopath near you, you should be able to get them to make it up for you =)

Ricinus 6c
Galega off 6c
Alfalfa 6x (I think it's meant to be 6c instead of 6x but there was a typo on the label? Not sure..)

Good luck!
I had this with DD#2 - at first I could express 100mls plus then it dropped off to about 50-70mls and I panicked. When CHN told me if she was sleeping OK and lots of wet nappies I obviously had enough milk. I successfully BF her till just over 5 months - a vast improvement on DD#1. Fenugreek is great too for increasing supply - Health Food shop will have it. Good luck!!!
What naomi77 is trying to think of is Fenugreek =)
I haven't tried it.. but hear it's pretty good. Another thing to add to my list if these drops don't keep working!
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