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eBay- Is anyone else having trouble logging in?? Rss

Hello I have had trouble logging into eBay since last night. I still have the problem today. I cannot access Checkout, MyeBaY or Bid. The system is just coming up with either a blank screen or an error page warning after a while. This is a right pain as I have to reply personally to every one to get there details and explain I am not some nutter. Also I have no idea what is coming up or my highest bid as I cant access MyeBay. I am receiving emails saying I have been sucessful or I have been outbid but I cant do anything with them!!
I tried to email them direct but as I cant get into the system I cant even do that!

Please Please Please..........can anyone help!!!
Hi Calebsmum,

The following address will take you to the Customer Support Service for eBay. Hopefully they will be able to help you with your problem.


Thanks Lauraine, its nice to hear from you!! Thank you for your help.

Hi Janeen,

I was sent a few emails about my A/C, saying they had to change my details ETC, for security.

See if you can go thru the steps of "i forgot my password", as this is what all my emails were about!

Best of luck, i haven't used my A/C for ages so maybe i will have probs too. :~


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks Tepe, I have been in eBay since this post. It appears no one knows why about half of its users could not access eBay for around 24 hours. As you can imagine it was a right pain, I lost a few items I was out bidded on as I could not rebid. Then you can only imagine how a seller would feel thinking am I getting the best price if so many people cant get it etc......
I contacted my service provided who sent a pretty rude and non committal email basicly pointing me in the direction of the eBay chat room as others had complain in this??? Not to sure why as I had told them in my email I knew of several others who could not access eBay as well. So I guess they were saying you were not the only one so get over it??? Not to mention I could access every other web site in my favourites or the fact I spent most of my day thinking it was a problem with our computer and trying to fix the problem. So when I got the access back I contacted eBay who were very nice apologising for the problem however they too did not know why this happened. So in a nut shell everyone is blaming someone else and as per usual with the big guys no one is man enough to put up their hand to say "Yes we did have a problem, we have fixed it and apologise" but of course pigs dont fly so I guess that will happen when hell freezes over.
So to finalise this rambling no one knows what happened and I am back in eBay once again.

Thanks for your reply Tepe. I hope things at home have settled for you I have not had direct experience with either bugs you are mentioning. Just a thought your childs rash is not from the new diet?? Take care
Hi Janeen,

Even if you missed out on a few things, i am glad you got the ebay thing sorted out. What a time waster, and not to mention money waster!

I had the same thought about his spots, but this was 6 days later. Anyhow, they are healing and there is no more. Who knows?? Thanks heaps for your thoughts and caring,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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