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Do you want to hear my good and bad news?? Lock Rss

I've just had the best weekend with my new man - I'm a single mum and my boys were at their Dads this weekend so we spent a blissful whole weekend just him and I together.

The bad news is that last night the condom broke - and I'm freaking out. He has two girls and I have two boys and we both agree that we definately don't want anymore kids. The thing is I could go and get the morning after pill, but the reason I don't take any other contraceptive is because I had a stroke in February caused by the contraceptive pill, which is essentially what the morning after pill is. I'm terrified of both thoughts, having another baby or taking the morning after pill and risking another stroke. When I realised that the condom had ripped I just burst into tears and cried for about half an hour solid. And he was so good, gave me a huge hug and didn't let go of me all night. I really didn't want him to leave this morning ... I'm waiting for the doctors surgery to phone me back - fingers crossed they say I can take it and everything will be ok.

I hope everything works out ok for you, how scary to have had a stroke caused by the pill. Big Hugs!

It sounds like you had a lovely weekend though smile

Oh you poor thing! Hope it's Ok!
Do you know if this is your "fertile time"? Maybe you could look up Billings Method on Google and work out if maybe you are in the "not so fertile" stage?

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Awwwwww, you poor thing. There is always something that ruins a perfect weekend.

I have my fingers crossed for you and am hoping that all turns out the way you want it.

Big hugs.

Is OVER rude people

Ok, in response to the difficulty in deciding whoch would be worse re pill and baby. I think that if you were to suffer another stroke becuase of the morning after pill, it could really ruin you health wise for a while to be able to mother your childremn, wheres worst case scenario, you are preggers again, you will have a baby, but in the end also your health.. I would be more concerned about taking the pill... Wow, sounds like it was a wonderful weekend, just live your life and in a month or so , worry about it then.. easier said than done, but chances are you will worry yourself to shreds and there will be a neg pregnancy test, so take a breath , and one day at a time... Hope all works out for you though, sounds like a nice bloke..
Have you asked the DOCTOR could you have the Implamon or Depo injection. Just a suggestion.

Oh you poor thing i am so sorry.I reallly do hope things work out for you.

Sending you big hugs and thinking of you xxx

Thanks for all your replies - I have a appt at the doctors this afternoon. Just have to wait a couple hours til then ....

I'm going to have a Mirena inserted, which is an IUD with a hormone (so its a double whammy). It lasts five years and is safe for me to take - I can have the injection or take the mini pill as well. But having been single I hadn't bothered to put any of that into action yet so I'm just waiting for it all to be approved and to get an appt etc. Being pregnant is a big risk for me as well after a stroke - I would be very closely monitored because of the stress it puts on your body the risk of another stroke is apparently quite high.

I was an absolute wreck last night, I got myself so worked up - I'm just lucky to have a great guy that is caring and understanding. I'm feeling a bit better now that I've taken the step to book an appt with the doc - just have to keep everything crossed (including my legs LOL) that it all works out. I'm sure it will be fine- just have to cross that bridge if and when it happens.

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