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My SIL had her baby to day Lock Rss

her name is Isabella Rose she weighed 3520g & come in to this world @ 8.28am

opps i did for get to put that mum & bubs are doing well, SIL had a C-sec because bubs wanted to come out backwards

i got an e-mail with picks & she is sooooo cute

well thats my good news
[Edited on 02/09/2008]

Congrats! What a beautiful name.

My DD1 is Isabella and my DD2 is Lola Rose!
Congrats aunty...I hope mum and bub are doing well smile

they are doing well (i fixed that bit on my 1st post lol)

Glad to hear that all went well.
Yay thats fantastic news!
And such a beautiful name!
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