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Hey chickies Casey has been wonderful enough to update my siggy with some new info hope you all like it

Oh too my sweet southern chickies sorry i never told you all earlier hope you all still love me



yayyyy congrats!!!

i can not WAIT smile]

*sigh* i am so clucky i might as well be a chook!
woohoo cheeky
congrats, you naughty girl for not telling us
so happy for you

Congratulations Cheeky!!!!

so excited for you hun! thats 3 S&C chickies preggers again!!

Hope all is well with your bump and look forward to hearing more!

Big hugs to you and all the family!

Oh wow congrats do you know the sex???
Awww thanks chickies im feeling the love

oh wow congrats i wish i was that tricky with things on the computer...

Well about the sex cause hubby was at work i had the us lady write the sex down and seal it in a envelope so that we could find out together so not sure what it is till i open

and the wonderful Casey did my siggy for me as i cant do flashy one's

hahaha well its very nice and that is soo sweet the envelope thing... soo how long do you have too wait until you can open the envelope... i wanna get a sig made but i have no skills...

its was bloody hard to keep my mouth shut cheeky!!

hubby's fixing my dads so probably tomorrow unless he holds out longer haha

oh and ask casey im sure she will do a flashy one i can do normal ones with multi pics but not flashing

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