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Yay, I survived!! DH comes home tonight!! Yay!! Just one more bath session and its over!!

We went to seaworld yesterday and after pushing the pram up the nasty hill and holding both boys, it has killed my arms so now they are so sore.

Have to clean the whole house today as a surprise!! So wish me luck I want it all scrubbed clean.

How time flies!!

OH YAYA Thats great Marita see you really are SUPERMUMMY. Wooooot and how brave going to seaworld lol.
You are just Awsome Marita......

Good luck with the cleaning and I bet you will be glad to see your DH home again....

I would never attempted Seaworld with 4 kids on my own.. you are just superwoman...


Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

We nearly didn't make it to seaworld there is a huge hill at the entrance and doesn't look that bad till you try and push a 18kg pram and 3 kids totally 40kg!

I went with a friend, DH said don't buy anything cause we have just been and bought stuff then. So I only spent just over $100! Better go hide it all hey!

How time flies!!


You ARE crazy!! lol (just kidding) I find it hard enough taking my 3 to the shops let alone 4 to Seaworld!! good Job!!!

And Yay the kids get daddy home for fathers day gasp)
I will be honest my kids are really not that bad. I have been blessed with really good kids. Sure the 4yo tends to throw tantrums but they really aren't as bad as tantrums I have seen other kids do.

The twins had their photo taken with Elmo and Cookie monster. Elmo was holding Dallas and Cookie Monster Bailey, it is so cute. I will have to try and put it up as my sig later.

Maybe I can get Ro to do it for me!!

How time flies!!

Your Signature looks so cool and except for the HILL I love SeaWorld out of all the Theme Parks.

It is a horrible hill!!

DH just phoned his flight was cancelled. He has to wait at the airport for 3hours for the next flight. Boohoo.

How time flies!!

Oh Bugger wink]

I love your sig!! Ro did a great job!!

Hope hubby gets the next flight and is home nice and early for you.
Nope wont be early at all, flight gets in at 9pm then he has to take his brother and father to his fathers house which will take an hour and a half from when he leaves the airport. So not expecting him home before 11pm.

Gives me more time to clean the house!

How time flies!!

Aw bugger Marita - that sucks that he won't get home until late. Will the kiddies give him fathers day pressies tomorrow?

We don't really do fathers/mothers day presents yet. If zoe makes stuff at school then yes but not really. When they are older I think I will take them shopping so they can find something but otherwise its just me picking something out so not really from them.

Soon though, soon!!

How time flies!!

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