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my 14 week old is formula fed on NAN 1HA Gold and has had dark green poo for just over a week. Other than this he is his normal happy go lucky self and has even started 4 nights ago sleeping through the night.
Is this ok???? I've heard conflicting stories about green being ok and also very bad!!
My DD was on this formula at that age & she has exactly the same. GP said it was fine & not to stress. They were sooo dark green & sooo smelly...

i would say normal if he seems happy and his behavious is normal

prob cant tell you without looking at it. If it was a terrible terrible stink as well I would be worried as Guardia is like that. But it's unlikely that such a young baby would have come in contact with something like that.
And if he's heppy it doesn't sound like there's anything wrong.

BUT - having said that, I always say that it's better to be safe than sorry. If Im worried about dd I take her to the doc, even if underneath I know it's ok, at least then I've done all I could to prevent something nasty.

Thank You!
It would be from the fortified Iron in the formula would be my guess. If bub has no other symptoms and is otherwise well I would perhaps call the MCHN or even Nurse on call if in Vic and ask them what they think.
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