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Picture moments/Pixi foto/little images Lock Rss

Thank you so much for your help and feedback i will definately give GFP a call.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

sorry to take so long but i have pneumonia and 2 sick kids and a 5 week old arg............ the photo were in the usual package form with or without negatives they also have a office in the west as you probable saw on line..i think they were about 45 for a large photo or the same price for a sheet with the same photo in diff sizes...just ring them...i also would metion that you were at the baby expo in bne as they had a stall a took our details and spun a prize of a free sitting and a free photo depending on what you spun on the wheel.. i would say that you have not been contacted yet and thay may offer you friend rang around a few diff places and said she cannot decide on where to go and they all started offering her free photos and sittings to come to them....
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