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Well in light of the cirumstances Lock Rss

Namely the world not coming to an end today as promised.

Who likes my sig LMAO
[Edited on 10/09/2008]

i do i loved that show!
its very appropriate thats for sure lol

so you didn't get the orgasim you were after???

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Yeah I had it ages ago when there was ALOT of troll activity so no pics of my gorgeous girl. The rock spider was around. But when I remembered the starting up the partical accelerator today it just sprang to mind and seemed so appropriate hehe

The 'KABOOM' you are waiting for may happen on the 21st 'aparantly'?...
It could just be a gradual thing over a year or so too I've heard! wink

How do you like my sig??

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