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Hi i need some help
as most of you know that im pregnant (25weeks) & i think i have thrush i do have some cream here @ home but i dont know if its safe to use & if it will harm bub or not if i do uses it,
i do have a Dr appointment this after noon but its really uncomfortable,

thanks for your help


What cream is it?

Most pessary and creams for vaginal thrush are fine to use during pregnancy, it is the applicator you have to be careful with.

I used to use Canestan cream and pessary but have found Nilstat creams formulation works better for my body.

Natural yoghurt applied to the outside bits can bring relief too.

there should say on the side or there will be a phone number to call,
i hope its says it on there for you,

also can you call a midwife shell know,

its canesten cream & i cant find a ph number on the side so i will be a bell to use the cream on my out side bits?

hay honey call the chemist and tell them the cream and ask then thay would know!
Yep you can use it on the outside bits. See your doc and then go to the chemist and get a pessary and cream to treat it once diagnosed. Just insert the pessary with your finger rather than the applicator.

I had thrush while pregnant and used the pessaries but was told just to use your fingers as the applicator will push it u too far and can irritate the cervix.

I would probably wait to see the DR but some cream on the outside should be fine to relieve the itching in the meantime
thank you all ive put some on & feel a bit better now i just have to wait now to see the Dr & see what he says

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