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paradise resort surfers paradise ?? Lock Rss

has anyone been? any reviews would be great?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I went about 7.5yrs ago & it was crap, Ive heard its been done up alot since then though!!

There are soo many great family resorts on the Goldie smile
Was there about a month ago and had a fantastic time, would very much recommend it.

The kidsclub is truly amazing, my eyes just about popped out of my head, let alone those of my 3 year old!! We booked her in for an afternoon and she had a ball.

The swimming pools are great (there were 5???? don't know, there seemed to be so many!). The lizard water slide was a bit fast and made me squeal like a nutter, although the 5 year olds doing it didn't find it quite so scary....!!!

The restaurant there isn't the greatest food, but, hey, it's kid friendly and you don't have to worry about tantrums at the dinner table because everyone else is in the same boat!!

You can buy your own bread and toast it in the cafe downstairs if you're on a budget, and there's also a microwave if you need to heat up a bottle.

It's within walking distance to the beach and Cavill Mall (and a very good liquor shop is within close walking distance wink LOL)

Would highly recommend it - my children didn't want to leave. We had a great family holiday there.
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