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I've recently had one put in and its probably a bit late now as i already have it but im just curious as to everyone's opinions about them...

Have you got one? How has your body responded? Are you happy with your decision? Have you or any one you know fallen preganant with the Mirena?

Sorry for all the questions,

I got mine out on friday because hubby had a vas as we are finished. I had mine in 3 yrs and it was great. I had two probs in three years.....I did have one lil episode where I had all the signs of preg but was a false alarm. Also I only ever has light periods (2 -3 days no overnight bleeding) so although I didnt really have a period I got spotting very very scant for sometimes more than a week at a time so was a bit annoying.
As far as birth control goes in our house it was great.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Had mine in for almost 2 yrs without issue, my AF became very light almost disappeared and I didn't feel the hormones affect me in anyway. I got mine out late July to TTC and was successful first cycle after. My 1 problem with it was my strings disappeared, but an ultrasound confirmed it was still in place. When I had it removed it was just a little more uncomfortable then I predicted and I had to pay my gyno double what my GP/OB would of charged if he had of been able to remove it without issue. Although I will go for it again after this 1 is born.
i have had the marina for just over a year now and it works for me! AF is very light and dont usually get night bleeding. i think its great!
although spotting can sometimes be a bit annoying!
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