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where do i go in canberra to find a big kids booster seat. Lock Rss

Hey i haven't posted in a while but i had a question for Canberra mums.

Where can i go other than Kmart, big w and such to buy booster seats for kids.. i am looking for ones like this

the ones with the harness and arm rests and such

i am 18 weeks pregnant and am wanting to take the baby seat out as Tristan is getting too big for it anyways and i wanted to get it cleaned and stuff before new one comes along.

if any mums in Canberra know of where i can find these seats i would be eternally grateful.

Toys r us, there is a shop in Woden/Phillip it has new and second hand stuff its name has totally gone out of my head it is next to The Little Red Engine toy shop. The two baby shops in Fyshwick probably Babyco more then the other one.

currently being updated please check back later.

baby shops like babies galore or baby co aor any of those sorts of shops would have them

I'm not a canberra mum sorry,

Your link wasnt working but I am guessing you want a maxi rider or the like?


baby shops or on line, Target have a similar one I think its called the Hi Pod Senator or something.

Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy.

I was visiting canberra last weekend and was in babyco in fyswick (sp?) and they had a small range, but there is a good sale on there for this week (we ended up with stuff im sure isnt necessary!!)

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

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