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My poor baby girl.. Lock Rss

has nits!! yuck sad

I have no idea where or how she got them as we haven't really been anywhere lately.. she doesn't go to daycare and her big sister hasn't even got one egg in her hair and she's never had them before.

Poor lil chook has had hair head smoothered in all sorts tonight and I've just been pulling all the eggs out while she's been sleeping. They have got to be the most disgusting things!!

Think of it this way they Love clean hair....
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Oh I know.....
I remember having Lice in grade 6 & when I scratched my head the little bliters would be in my finger nails..... now thats discusting.

Ok I am scratching my head now.....LOL
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aww thanks now Im itching...she hasnt tried on hats at the shops has she? Umm been close to ther kids at the shops or park?

Goodluck *scratching*

Cheers Ness
Nope no hat trying on lol, she's only 10 months old.

I really can't think of how she's gotten them, I feel so bad I didn't notice earlier, though but like you Steph I didn't think bubs/toddlers would get them.

We have my SIL's wedding on Friday and tonight was the wedding rehearsal which I to take Bella too as she's the flower girl and I noticed them about 15 mins before we were meant to leave. I freaked out lol and called mum, luckily she was able to take Takarli and treat her hair while I took Bella... what a stressful afternoon!

They love to jump... she may have picked it up at the shopping centre for all you know... smart little things they are.

Their is a book you can buy called Scritch scratch... it is brilliant... its a learning ladder book....

Posted by: **Duffy**
Think of it this way the Love clean hair....

oh no, my kids must have really dirty hair, my eldest is 8 and even when they are going around the school my kids have never got them. I have been really lucky. You wait, now they will get them tomorrow lol

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Could have been a kids hair brushing past the pram or a lucky jump by a nasty little nit.

Yeah that was the only thing I could come up with to, was someone's else child passing by with them. I really hope we all don't end up with them, specially just before the wedding!! what a nightmare!

What is the scritch scratch book about?

you poor thing that is the worst! I used to work at a hair salon I seen them on a 8mth old there is a natural product you can get to prevent them they have styling product, leave in moisturisers, shampoo and conditioners. Its called 'eco kids' Much better than getting them then tring to get the eggs out, my sister has been using it her 3 kids for a while now and no nits, you can get it from salons.

OOOH Poor Chooky!!

I hope that Bella doesnt get them hun!

Good luck, we havent had them before so i have no advise!
Yeah my other SIL is a hair dresser and she said that she had a product at work that I can use on her hair as it's suitable for babies, might be the same one. I will have to go and get it tomorrow morning and re-do her hair again. I'm going to be so paranoid now!

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