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Just wondering what did you do to celebrate your child's first birthday? Also did you have any special momentos? I'm planning my baby's 1st birthday and trying to get some ideas. Thanx.
Hi we had planned at picnic by our local river, when we all got there, there was a plague of european wasps!! (we have a big problem with them in our area at the moment due to the drought) We all quickly packed up and went back to our house!! We got a really nice silver cup and engraved Jack's name & date on it as a momento.
For Christmas we got a very expensive nursury rhyme book which he isn't allowed to touch as a thing to keep. And friends of ours brought their daughter a gold charm bracelet (adult size) and will add a charm each year, then i think they will give it to her for her 21st.
Just a couple of ideas.

mum of 1

I think to have a theme is a good idea mine is going to be Nemo with a giant Nemo pinata I will make myself, cardboard cutouts of starfish, green and blue streamers to imitate seeweed, maybe some party games to entertain the older kids. I have also heard of someone getting all the guests to dip there hand on paint and press onto a canvass was a good idea. For one of my nephews was at a park which was great because older kids and adults can play football etc... so everyone is entertained there were coloured streamers tied to trees and it was a hot day so at the end adults were throwing cold water from the esky at each other...very funny.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Thanks for the ideas,
sorry to hear about the wasps Jo. I'm sure this made the day very memorable. I like the engraved cup as an idea.
Sandra, I love the hand paint idea..very original. How are you going to make the pinata! you must be very creative. it sounds like the party was memorable and everyone enjoyed themselves!!

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